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The History of ILM

I read this great article over on Wired the other day about ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) and more importantly, about the M: Magic. (From Wired) Darth Vader’s helmet from Star Wars: Episode IV by DAN WINTERS As it turns 40 this year, ILM can claim to have played a defining role making effects for 317 movies. But that’s only part of the

The History of ILM 2015-05-19T13:10:48+00:00

National Park Service Releases ‘Loudness’ Map

Analyzes levels of noise pollution around the country Outside: In an effort to gauge noise levels throughout the United States, the National Park Service’s (NPS)Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division has created a map showing how much ambient noise you can expect to deal with based on where you are in the country. Not surprisingly, metropolitan areas are by far the loudest, but their noise

National Park Service Releases ‘Loudness’ Map 2017-01-10T17:42:37+00:00

Should Nature Be Preserved For Humans or From Humans?

AJ: You may have heard that conservation biologists are arguing with each other. Some say nature should be protected for humans; others say it should be protected from humans; others say it’s possible to do both. This may sound like an academic debate—and in many ways it is—but it has become a very nasty one, and over the past couple of years it has severely taxed an important field that has far

Should Nature Be Preserved For Humans or From Humans? 2017-01-10T17:42:37+00:00
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